What’s Your Modern Adwords Strategy?

Here are a few important tips to maximize your digital marketing strategy and online advertising investment.

By Davidson Belluso


What’s Your Modern Adwords Strategy?

Here are a few important tips to maximize your digital marketing strategy and online advertising investment.

By Davidson Belluso

Have you found that your paid advertising campaigns are just not giving you the bang for your buck that they used to? Developing a Modern Adwords Strategy should be the number one goal you set for 2017.

Today’s modern Adwords campaign strategies evolve as frequently as the Adwords environment does. We saw major changes in 2016 that took the digital advertising realm by storm. This placed a large emphasis on more advertising choices and a focus on mobile users.

Understanding Analytics

You would never drive your car with a broken speedometer and that is exactly what running paid campaigns without analytics is like. Knowing what is working and what is not is the key to maximizing your digital advertising investment.

Using Google Analytics Effectively

  1. Google Analytics is your one-stop-shop for understanding where your traffic is coming from, what your traffic is doing on your site and where your traffic is going.

Understanding UTM Parameters

  1. These are extra bits of code that you add to your destination URLs that can help you send the correct information to Google Analytics. This helps you determine if your advertising dollars are being spent wisely.

Know When To Use The Google Tag Manager

  1. In many cases, you can replace all of your on-page analytics codes with the Google Tag Manager if it is set up correctly.
  2. Tag Manager can help you track those hard-to-track conversions like PDF or File downloads and links clicked to take people off of your site to an intended location.

Know What Your Wins Are

  1. Before you start anything, know what your goals are. We have to know what our wins are in order to gauge our success.

Create Relevant Ads

Relevance is the major buzzword for the industry in 2017. This applies to everything from SEO to digital advertising. Understanding that your advertising Quality Score can give you a break on pricing for every click, or penalize you heavily, is the primary factor you should be focusing on.  Keywords have to be relevant to the ads, ads have to be relevant to the page, and the page has to be relevant to the topic.  Having control over all of these moving parts is critical.

Keyword Research

  1. Long-tail keywords give you more focused traffic and cost less.
  2. Learn to use Google Trends to predict what topics and keywords will rank best.
  3. Predicting Traffic Volume and Competition using the keyword planner tools in AdWords.

Quality Score

  1. Quality Score can reward you or penalize you, allowing you to pay less per click than you bid or more per click.
  2. Quality Score is determined by the relevancy of your keywords, and your ads to your final landing pages.

Adjust Your Bids Daily

  1. Use Google Trends to predict traffic.
  2. Always stay focused on what is converting and what is not. Cut out the deadwood and focus on what is working.
  3. Focus on the keywords that have the best Quality Scores in order to maximize your advertising dollars.

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