Create Instant Leads With Call-Only Ads

How would you like to generate instant, qualified leads without using cold calling? Your answer lies in using Google Adwords Call Extensions.

Why Call-Only Ads?

The largest challenge facing any sales force when making cold calls is knowing whom to speak to and if that person would have an interest in the products you have to offer. Getting instant phone leads answers both of those questions immediately and is a huge win for any company.

call-extensions-process Create Instant Leads With Call-Only Ads
The second challenge facing any company engaging in online sales with traditional Search Only Ads is the attrition rate of the users. Typically, with standard Search Only Ads, the user has to engage in more steps to speak with a qualified salesperson than with Call-Only Ads. With any website traffic, the more steps involved the more people you lose from step to step.

Appeal To Mobile Users

In September of 2015, Google announced that Mobile Searches had exceeded Desktop Searches for the first time in recorded Internet history. In a stunning figure, Search Engine Land announced 80% of mobile searches convert to actual leads. These numbers are huge when considering your strategies for Paid and Organic traffic generation.

Tips for Great Call-Only Ad Campaigns

The following tips will help you build better Call-Only Ad Campaigns and convert more qualified leads than using traditional Search Only Ads.

  1. Use a Google Forwarding Number to track each call along with time on the phone and other important metrics.
  2. Schedule your Call-Only Ads to run only during actual business hours when a salesperson is available to take the call.
  3. Sync all your call data with your remarketing data for more effective retargeting based on your Search and Display Ads.
  4. Keep your keywords relevant to your ads and use callouts that will elicit qualified leads as part of your overall messaging.
  5. Always track your metrics data to make the best possible decisions about bidding, funnels and conversions.

Gloria Ludolph

Who’s the most organized, detail-oriented person you know? Well, Gloria has them beat—by a long shot. She makes sure no one around here drops any of the countless balls we constantly have in the air. Gloria is perfectly suited for the job because she has extensive experience in marketing, project management and account management—at both in-house creative departments and agencies. As Traffic Manager at Davidson Belluso, she oversees multiple projects and schedules under tight deadlines to ensure everything is completed on time and on budget.