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One of the great advertising tools in online marketing is Google Adwords Remarketing.  Very often, with the traditional pay-per-click model you are limited to a single bite at the apple.  You may have only one opportunity for a person to see your website and if it is slow, or difficult to navigate, you may never see that visitor again.  One of the reasons that offline advertising is so successful is that people see, hear or read these advertisements over and over again around the clock.  Hence, the concept of remarketing was born.

Remarketing primarily is used on the Google Display Network but can be effective on the Search and Video networks as well. Remarketing is the ability to have your user see your ad multiple times even if they are not specifically searching or looking for your advertisement.  In fact, you have probably already seen it in action and not realized exactly what was happening.

A Second Bite at the Apple

Have you ever searched for something on Google and visited a web page, only to leave that page without making a purchase or signing up to receive emails?  Have you then, ever seen that advertisement in prominent places on sites you might visit?  Some people have described the experience as making them feel like Google is following them around.  Well, you are actually not too far from the truth.  This is actually a marketing technique that can provide you many more chances at customer acquisition for pennies on the dollar of your original advertising.

Remarketing lists are created when people visit your website, if you have them enabled in your campaigns.  While remarketing for video or search behaves slightly differently than remarketing for display, it is still the same concept.  This is based on cookies that are stored in your browser as you visit websites and click on advertisements to bring you to websites.  If you do not convert, according to whatever rule is defined for a conversion, you could possibly be followed around by these ads on the vast Google Partner Network of Adsense advertisers.  This is a powerful tool that should be leveraged by anyone involved with online marketing and can give you a huge edge over your competition.  Remarketed clients are already aware of your brand, already aware of your product and more likely to convert on your website.  The best part, if I have not mentioned it, is that these campaigns run for pennies on the dollar for regular campaigns.

Top 5 Reasons to use Remarketing

  1. Remarketing provides additional opportunities to extend the life of your advertising campaign.
  2. You can implement Remarketing code easily on your website by using your existing Google Analytics code.
  3. Typical Remarketing campaigns cost 10% of your overall Search and Display budgets.
  4. Standard Remarketing lists are active for 30 days after the individual first visits your website.
  5. Reach top of mind branding awareness at a much lower cost per click rate.

Bob Cristello

Bob joined Davidson Belluso with 30+ years working experience in web development. Born and raised in Boston, Bob is a U.S. Army veteran. His resume includes being a former Microsoft Developer Days keynote speaker, Head of Internal Development for Rebar International, Team Lead at Sally Mae and the Head of Computer Sciences at the Hyde School. Bob's articles on technology have appeared in Visual Basic Programmers Journal, Byte, InfoWorld and Computer Telephony. His skill set includes database design, complex SQL query design, and an impressive list of CMS software with a focus on WordPress. Bob handles clients Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Digital Advertising, holding all six Google Analytics and Adwords certifications. Bob loves spending time with his family, enjoys the performing arts and plays several instruments.