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The color palette used in your marketing materials can go a long way to reinforce (or detract from) your overall message. We recently developed a new color palette as part of a rebranding initiative for Tempe Tourism Office.

Color is a critical component of any marketing message and should be leveraged to reinforce your overall brand strategy. Color can be used to engage the audience, and certain colors evoke certain emotions. For example, the color red increases heart rate and creates a sense of urgency and green is the easiest color for the eyes to process, and is used to help people relax.

For Tempe Tourism Office, we wanted the color palette to convey the unexpected side of the desert, and reinforce the tagline: “Refreshingly Arizona”. Overall, we wanted the color palette to be fresh, vibrant, youthful and fun.

A vibrant blue is the main color, because blue is not typically a color associated with the desert, so it feels “refreshing”. We are using a yellow as an accent color because yellow is warm and friendly, and contrasts nicely with the blue. We are using white, a light blue and a dark blue to round out the palette because they give us flexibility without distracting from the primary colors.

The impact of colors used in marketing should not be taken for granted. Color is a powerful tool and when used correctly, can help connect with your audience and reinforce your message. Your color palette should be developed with a clear objective in mind, and should be used to connect with your audience and extend your brand strategy.

To learn more about reinforcing your marketing message with color, give us a call today!

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