Customer Satisfaction Surveys For Your Business

It is critical to know exactly what your customers think.  Online customer satisfaction surveys provide the feedback you need to keep customers happy and loyal.  Surveys provide insight to business owners on how they can improve their business, products, and overall customer experience. Here are just a few questions you should already know or you should be thinking on a regular basis.  What are your customers saying about you?  Do you want to improve customer loyalty? Bottom line, it helps provide the feedback your business requires to make better decisions.

Before I get into discussing steps for creating the most effective survey, let’s take a moment and identify more clearly the benefits of generating customer satisfaction surveys:

It can help improve customer retention

Customer retention is the biggest reason to generate surveys on a regular basis.  It will determine if your customer is happy with the products or services you are delivering before you lose their business. A happy customer is a returning customer.  Customer satisfaction is the best indicator of how likely a customer will make a purchase in the future.

It can help improve a product or service

It allows you the opportunity to listen to your customers and create a product or service that they actually want to buy.  Ideally, all companies want to excel at fulfilling their customers’ expectations and needs.

It can create insight for a better customer experience

In order to create an amazing customer experience, you need to simply ask your customers what it was about that experience that they found memorable.  Hopefully, their experience is better than your competitors so that they will ultimately remain loyal. It is much easier to retain existing customers than winning new business.  This is your opportunity to stand out from your competition. By keeping your customers happy the possibility of generating future referrals is much more likely.

When creating your customer satisfaction survey be certain to include the following:

  1. Define your goals

What do you want your survey to accomplish?

  1. Select an online survey tool and template

Please select from a variety of online tools that can help you create a customer survey

  1. Create clear questions

Here are 3 tips to help make sure your questions are efficient and on topic:

  • Be specific- By being clear it allows your respondents to not have to guess what you mean to say.  Keep in mind our goal is to identify things to improve.
  • Ask between 5-10 questions-You don’t want to overwhelm your respondents with too many questions.  Most survey tools have a variety of question types to select from.
  • Cover all your answers- Simply make sure there is an answer that fits for everyone
  1. Review it
  2. Create an enticing subject line
  3. Write an effective invitation
  4. Create a call to action
  5. Review and send

In my role working new business development, I understand the importance of customer satisfaction feedback.  It is imperative that our existing customers feel we delivered our services and met their satisfaction. Every business should implement customer surveys as part of their best practices.  If you don’t already have this in place, now is your opportunity!

Davidson Belluso

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