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Creating mobile apps is more cost effective than ever. Harnessing new HTML standards, we can create native apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, and desktop web – all from one code-set.

Traditionally building mobile apps required using specific tools and programming languages for each device’s Operating System (think iOS vs. Android). These builds are OS specific and often require full redevelopment to port to devices with other Operating Systems. Tools are now available which allow full featured apps to be built for multiple devices from the same base architecture.

The key is to use the device’s web-browser to load a localized version of a website. This local app can access device features, store data locally, and transfer data between online web-servers. Utilizing HTML and Javascript, a common code base can be used to build native apps for virtually any device and also web-apps for use on desktop computers.

These apps are fast, functional, and are indiscernible from non-html native apps in many ways. The apps can be submitted to the appropriate app-stores and maintain full commercial licensing opportunities. The benefits are clear when comparing development time to OS-specific apps.

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David Raines

A native of Phoenix, Arizona, and a graduate of Tempe’s Arizona State University, David is extremely proficient with HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP, as well as the popular content management systems: WordPress and Joomla. David has over a decade of web development experience, including having worked for Go Daddy as a Web Design Specialist, building and maintaining clients’ websites as well as dealing with technical-related web problems. A self-proclaimed “nerd,” David enjoys tech of all sorts, most notably building custom desktop computers, and is the go-to guy for tech-related issues. David loves traveling and never turns down an opportunity to visit a theme park. David will also reluctantly admit to thoroughly enjoying what he does for a living – building websites.