Smart-phone and tablet users now account for an estimated 21% of website traffic* among many of America’s top brands. That number is up from only 11% one year prior. Is your online presence able to accommodate this influx of traffic from new devices?

Just a few short years ago “mobile” websites were limited to small screens, low computing power, and in many cases were a separate version of the website all together. While this was a functionally optimized approach, users could become easily frustrated when features of the desktop version of a site were not present in the mobile version.

With the increased power of smart-phones and tablets, new options are available to better deliver your website to a multitude of devices. Modern techniques in Responsive web design ensure your website looks good and works well across all devices. Best of all, there is only one version of your website to maintain.

Responsive designs take the approach of re-flowing and resizing content to best match the screen-size of your user’s devices. When a user arrives, the webpage will “respond” to the user’s screen-size and adjust the layout accordingly. Small screens will enjoy bigger finger-sized buttons and stacked vertical scrolling without needing to pinch and zoom. Large screens will enjoy the regular desktop experience they know and expect.

Truly the best of both worlds, a Responsive design gives your users a device optimized experience while keeping your design, branding elements, and content uniform.

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David Raines

A native of Phoenix, Arizona, and a graduate of Tempe’s Arizona State University, David is extremely proficient with HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP, as well as the popular content management systems: WordPress and Joomla. David has over a decade of web development experience, including having worked for Go Daddy as a Web Design Specialist, building and maintaining clients’ websites as well as dealing with technical-related web problems. A self-proclaimed “nerd,” David enjoys tech of all sorts, most notably building custom desktop computers, and is the go-to guy for tech-related issues. David loves traveling and never turns down an opportunity to visit a theme park. David will also reluctantly admit to thoroughly enjoying what he does for a living – building websites.