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Super Bowl LII has come and gone. And once again, it was a great event.

Sure, the game was pretty good, but the ads are what really drew our attention.

D/B’s co-founder, Michela Belluso, shared a look at her personal favorites on the Fox 10 morning show. Along with hosts Troy Hayden and Andrea Robinson, Michela highlighted the ads she thought were: 1) the most effective, 2) the biggest head-scratchers and 3) the biggest attention grabbers on social media.

Perhaps inspired by the star performance of Michela (or maybe excited at the prospect of scoring their own TV spotlight), this sparked a debate among the D/B team members, and the discussion continued throughout the office on the hits and misses of this year’s Super Bowl ads.

Here is a look at some of the personal favorites of our team (everything was a Tide ad), along with one that really missed the mark (yeah, we’re looking at you, Ram).

Rob@2x-300x300 D/B Team Picks Favorite Super Bowl Ads

Tide Series

Rob Davidson, Owner and Strategic Development

I loved Tide’s take on spoofing all of the old commercials and really making every ad a Tide ad. After a while, I didn’t know if the next commercial was a Tide parody on a commercial or if it was a legitimate commercial. I really started looking out for them.

michela-belluso-300x300 D/B Team Picks Favorite Super Bowl Ads

Sprint, “Evelyn”

Michela Belluso, Owner and Managing Partner

In watching all of the ads, I kept coming back to the Sprint spot. They told a really simple, but funny story from beginning to end. They hit some relevant topics including Artificial Intelligence and challenged a rival at the same time. As a Sci-Fi fan, this one really captured my attention.

Gustavo-300x300 D/B Team Picks Favorite Super Bowl Ads

Febreeze, “The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink” and Toyota, “Good Odds”

Gustavo Estrella, Associate Creative Director

Febreeze did a great thing by taking a typical saying and actually personifying it. The casting was perfect, especially the parents. It’s simple and doesn’t overdo it with the humor.

But I have to say that the Toyota ad was my favorite. It takes a little longer to tell a good story in a commercial, but I think Toyota did a great job with its minute. It takes you on an improbable journey, showing the struggles of a Paralympic athlete and her incredible determination.

Bruce@2x-300x300 D/B Team Picks Favorite Super Bowl Ads

Ram Trucks, “Built to Serve”

Bruce Nilsson , Executive Creative Director

In my opinion, this is the one ad that really missed it. It’s demeaning to take such a historical speech and turn it around to use it to sell trucks. They tried to frame it as an ad to promote public service and public work, but ultimately it came back to their product. It just didn’t work.

DB_0023_Sml9-300x300 D/B Team Picks Favorite Super Bowl Ads

Budweiser, “Stand By You”

Gary Campbell, Senior Public Relations Manager

Aside from the entertainment value, I like to see what an ad says about the brand as a whole. In this case, they really focused on what their values are. It was a strong departure from their normally humorous tone. The narrative of the guy going home and, proud of what he did for the community that day, really struck home. I think it played well in context with all of the humor-driven ads this year.

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