Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

With the new year comes a closer look at what’s next for 2022.

By Davidson Belluso


Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

With the new year comes a closer look at what’s next for 2022.

By Davidson Belluso

Davidson Belluso’s approach bridges all marketing disciplines for the new year and beyond.

With the new year upon us, it’s a great time to think about what’s next for 2022. For Davidson Belluso, that means looking at a variety of trends within the marketing world.

“The world has and continues to change at a rapid pace,” says Michela Belluso, CEO. “That is particularly true in the marketing communication world in terms of helping our clients speak to their audiences in a variety of ways.”

As an agency, Davidson Belluso, offers full service to clients, bridging all marketing disciplines including marketing and branding, advertising, digital, website design, graphic design and public relations. With a wide range of services, we pay particular attention to what is next and how the various trends may work together to create a cohesive strategy.

Here are a few things we are keeping our eyes on in the coming year in a few of our service areas.

Branding and Identity

How does a brand distinguish itself in an increasingly competitive marketplace? Many consumers, as well as potential employees, are considering the social and societal impact of a company or organization. This will be a key area of concern in the coming year as consumers are trending toward considering the “soul” of a company they work with or work for.

Davidson Belluso is leaning into the trend through its traditional strength of cause-brand marketing. With the use of consumer awareness campaigns and employment recruitment campaigns, we are helping organizations show who they are and the impact they are making on the world at large.

Diversity and Inclusion

In a related trend, consumers are now more than ever seeking out brands that are reflective of their values and cultural background. This concept of diversity and inclusion is growing across all marketing disciplines addressing diverse groups and minorities alike — whether it be racial background, disabilities and health status, or sexual orientation.

Similar to the concept of cause brand, our focus extends in this area including speaking directly in an inclusive manner, using visual elements that reflect these communities, or highlighting cultural elements.

Web Design

In the last few years, the value of a strong website has grown tremendously. Given the changes in societal behavior due to the pandemic, consumers have been seeking out ways to connect with companies and organizations. That trend is continuing, if not intensifying.

Companies and brands will need to continue relying on a strong web presence to reach their customers and share valuable information. For Davidson Belluso, the focus is on building a strong user experience enhanced by a strong content hierarchy.

Digital Marketing

For many years, social media — in particular the largest platforms such as Facebook — has been the focus of digital marketing. The growth of platforms such as Instagram and most recently TikTok, along with privacy and other concerns surrounding Facebook has changed the landscape rapidly.

With this rapid change, we are looking at how to reach consumers most effectively in a digital environment, while minimizing the negative consequences.

Public Relations

In a similar way that the digital and social world is changing, we are looking at a dramatic shift in how consumers get their news. Traditional news organizations are changing and shrinking rapidly as those in the news media reconsider their futures after the pandemic.

As a result, we are looking at a whole new structure of the news media with podcasts, independent journalists and more. The ultimate result is a new structure for media outreach and efforts to earn media and inform the public.

“For the last 20 years, our focus has been in helping clients cut through the noise to communicate in an impactful way,” says Michela. “That goal remains, but we continue to adapt and evolve as a communications agency. I am excited to see what’s next.”


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