Google Partner

Davidson Belluso, a full-service advertising agency and digital firm has renewed their Google Business Partnership with a vengeance. With the acquisition of all six currently available Google Certifications, the agency caught the attention of the local Google Business Partner office and was assigned its dedicated members of the local Google Business Support Staff who now engage, promote and verify all Google based campaigns. This assures that all of Davidson Belluso campaigns are designed and implemented to Google best practices and standards. While Davidson Belluso has several members on staff who hold individual certifications, it’s their web developer Bob Cristello who now holds all six certifications that Google Business Partners has to offer.

Bob holds every Google certification for Analytics, Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Shopping campaigns. “I love programming because everything is quantifiable.” Bob stated when asked for comment. “Learning about advertising from the passionate people around me at Davidson Belluso inspired me to take all that I was learning and translate it into the digital realm through Google Adwords.”

Google-Partner-Logo Davidson Belluso Certifiably Renews Google Business Partnership

Davidson Belluso has maintained Google Business Partner status by empowering and encouraging their employees to learn about the most innovative technologies and bring that knowledge back into the studio. Janelle VanDriel, one of the agency’s Account Executives, also holds certifications in Analytics and Search.

Rob Davidson, Owner and Director of Strategy and Sales at Davidson Belluso said “We believe that the passion of our employees is the greatest asset we have. That is why we always encourage them to learn new things, challenge themselves and, in turn, challenge all of us.”

Gloria Ludolph

Who’s the most organized, detail-oriented person you know? Well, Gloria has them beat—by a long shot. She makes sure no one around here drops any of the countless balls we constantly have in the air. Gloria is perfectly suited for the job because she has extensive experience in marketing, project management and account management—at both in-house creative departments and agencies. As Traffic Manager at Davidson Belluso, she oversees multiple projects and schedules under tight deadlines to ensure everything is completed on time and on budget.