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Davidson Belluso (D/B) was chosen by California Bank & Trust (CB&T) to create marketing and sales materials to promote their Wealth Management products and services. The suite of materials included a branding folder, product sheets, banker bios piece, a tri-fold overview and the creative exploration of business system designs.

D/B first approached the creation of these sales materials with an eye towards the overarching strategy behind the brand, and completed a strategic overview and plan for the pieces, including a new creative look & feel and messaging narrative.

D/B created a branding folder with the purpose of educating and reinforcing the CB&T brand with clients and prospects in an effort to create interest and more engagement and loyalty. This unique folder included two pockets to hold additional collateral pieces, tabbed product sheets and business cards.


In continuing the strategic application and execution of the CB&T brand, D/B also designed product sheets that live within the branding folder in a sleek and easy-to-use, tabbed format. D/B completed both the copywriting and creative design of these pieces, with the goal of the sheets serving as further exploration into the Wealth Management product offerings, while remaining consistent to the same branding as the folder.

In addition to the sales sheets, D/B designed a banker bios template and “fast facts” one-page sheets that live in another pocket of the branding folder.

D/B also designed a custom business system to complete the branding suite, including business cards, letterhead and corresponding envelope.

Separate from the above, D/B was tasked with the creation of a high-level, overview piece that bankers can use separately, as needed, as people express interest in the bank.

Ultimately, each item was created under the same strategic look & feel, and achieves a very powerful, consistent brand design suite.

Gloria Ludolph

Who’s the most organized, detail-oriented person you know? Well, Gloria has them beat—by a long shot. She makes sure no one around here drops any of the countless balls we constantly have in the air. Gloria is perfectly suited for the job because she has extensive experience in marketing, project management and account management—at both in-house creative departments and agencies. As Traffic Manager at Davidson Belluso, she oversees multiple projects and schedules under tight deadlines to ensure everything is completed on time and on budget.