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How to keep your brand alive as the advertising space becomes crowded.

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As the Arizona state and midterm elections approach, prepare to see an influx of political campaigns filling the advertising space.

We expect to see a great deal of these ads in our home state since Governor Doug Ducey is term-limited, and Senator Mark Kelly will be running for reelection to keep his seat in the Senate.

According to AdImpact, media spending for this year’s midterm election is estimated to reach approximately $8 billion, which is roughly a 130% spend increase compared to the 2018 midterm elections.

It is projected that half of the media spending will be put towards broadcast television advertisements, while the remaining funds will be allocated evenly between cable, digital advertising and CTV (connected television ads). As expected, radio will only see approximately 3% of media dollars spent.

According to Axios, this will be the first campaign cycle where CTV ads will take a considerable market share since Google is phasing out internet cookies. This has significantly changed the game since political campaigns have relied on cookies to target potential voters in the past.

With this remarkable sum of money being spent in the advertising space, it begs the question of how to create advertising impressions for your business as the space becomes flooded with political messaging.


Choose whether to steer clear of election cycle clutter or piggyback on it
As campaigns from both sides of the political spectrum raise questions on political and civil issues, decide on where your business’ mission and values fall. If your business aligns with the political messaging of certain campaigns then there can be a possibility of developing new ads that can share in the engagements and impressions earned from the original campaign. However, this strategy will be successful if the majority of your target audience has compatible political ideologies.


Prioritize your target audience and its most valuable segments
To get the most return on your business’ advertisement strategy, be sure to focus on targeting your highest-value customers. Advertising costs rise during election seasons, so shifting this focus to reach vital consumers will allow for the greatest ROI (return on investment) to offset the market price.


Focus on a well-rounded digital strategy as political campaigns encompass the broadcast space
As media consumers can become overwhelmed with the escalated number of political campaigns on TV, opt to connect with your customers through social media, audio advertising, owned media channels and online ads. Though you shouldn’t abandon TV advertising completely, using a digital strategy for the time being will be a breath of fresh air for your consumers, while being cost-friendly for your business as advertising prices rise.

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