Currently, most digital media is purchased by programmatic software that makes decisions for us. The only parameters one needs to define are the bid amounts, impressions, and geographic boundaries. The software does the rest.

Now many in advertising are talking about using similar software to buy television media.

Let’s start with the “why” question. The traditional process involves negotiations, insertion orders and a lot of time. It’s expensive and often you are paying top rates for prime spots. Now imagine being able to define an audience and have your ad delivered only when that audience is viewing, regardless of the show they are watching.

In essence you’re buying TV impressions vs. ratings. It wouldn’t matter when my audience is viewing television or even what they are watching. It’s a fundamental change in the way TV media is sold.

Many in my industry are discussing the pros and cons of this evolution of media buying (see Will Programmatic Take Over TV, Too?) but I see this as simply a matter of time. The allure of being able to use the targeting benefits and parameters in a broadcast media is just too alluring.

Rob Davidson

Born and raised in Chicago, Rob has 25+ years experience in branding and advertising, having worked for several firms throughout the country including Ogilvy & Mather, Leo Burnett, BBDO, J. Walter Thompson, Chiat Day and E.B. Lane Marketing Communications. Throughout his career, he developed campaigns for national and international accounts such as Hyatt Resorts, Motorola, Panasonic, McDonald’s, Toshiba, Sears, Allstate Insurance and Target. In 2001 Rob cofounded Davidson Belluso and has personally managed several key accounts for the agency including Tempe Tourism Office, California Bank & Trust, Arizona Attorney General and Phoenix Biomedical Campus for the City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department. A commercial rated pilot, Rob is passionate about flying and donates his time to the Civil Air Patrol.