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Talk about “Innovation”, we at Davidson Belluso are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest, and have assembled our list of the top five hottest news happenings and best of the business tips to launch your digital efforts this month.

…Did we say five? Let’s make it…

5. Twelve Customer Experience Tips for Success

competing-race-competition-100655670-primary.idge_ Best Of The Biz: Digital InnovationCreating great customer experiences is what separates your brand and message from the rest of the content-heavy, light-speed message-overloaded market. Even with the latest innovations that enhance the ability to communicate, sometimes the actual customers can get lost in the brilliant digital whirlwind. This article provides strategies to create a better customer experience that will, in turn, enhance and benefit your own working and business experience.

Not convinced? Let’s try “optimizing your customer experience” with:

4. Brands Triumph When Virtual And Physical Pull Together

1046x616_Lighted_Highway-300x177 Best Of The Biz: Digital InnovationMarketers are being cautioned to stop worrying solely about the tech frontier and start worrying about the real customer experience. Davidson Belluso’s Business Development Specialist, Suzanne Schraml, highlights the importance of providing a trend in positive customer experience in her recent blog. Don’t be fooled though! As we saw with the introduction of the mullet (business in the front, party in the back), not all trends are good. As the positive and beneficial aspects of digital innovation increase, so too do the negative. And sometimes, unlike the mullet, the difference between the two isn’t so clear…

3. Let’s Fight a Common Enemy: The Bad Guys

iStock538172618-300x200 Best Of The Biz: Digital InnovationAd fraud is a concern facing the advertising industry as tools optimize and technology advancements; the bad guys’ bots are better at hiding. At number 3, an article from Advertising Age highlights and digs into this concern and urges agencies and publishers both to buckle down in a concerted effort against this complex battle with the bad guys.

2. Cautious Optimism On Google’s Ad-Blocking Browser

just_google_chrome-1920x1080-300x165 Best Of The Biz: Digital InnovationGoogle takes a starring role in this fight as they utilize advancements in their own digital tools “as a way to clean up the web.” As the digital marketplace continues to experience more and more innovative methods and techniques, and the attention of the consumer is divided between more and more communications and messages, the ability to instantly speak to and be recognized by your customers is critical.

Our number one pick speaks to the importance of this:

1. Why AI Is Your Brand’s Rapid Response System

Nielsen_TextWidth_3917-300x169 Best Of The Biz: Digital InnovationJust as AI is enabling markets to instantly analyze real-time feedback and response (if you haven’t already, check out “Google Analytics Artificial Intelligence Comes of Age” which further explores this), AI is providing the ability to speak directly to users at “Future Speed”.

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