Six Social Media Tips For Businesses From An Unlikely Source

What can celebrities teach us about social media trends? Here's how to get your brand to rise above the social media noise.

By Christine Korecki


Six Social Media Tips For Businesses From An Unlikely Source

What can celebrities teach us about social media trends? Here's how to get your brand to rise above the social media noise.

By Christine Korecki

In one of Barna Research Group’s latest surveys, it states, “In one day on the internet two million blog posts are written, 860,000 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded, and five billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook. It’s difficult to ignore the increasing amount of content—and platforms—vying for our attention.” On top of that, there are also other social media platforms. How is a company going to compete to make its brand stand out in such a noisy environment?

Corporate America has been in the business of building great brands for decades. They’ve been successful using traditional media but when it comes to social media many companies either deny its importance, don’t see its value or they’re at a loss of how to engage in this new medium. Therefore, many remain silent and instead of controlling their brand and its message they allow it to be controlled by others. Companies who take this approach are at the mercy of the ever-changing winds of social media which changes directions very quickly. What is a company to do?

According to a recent WSJ article, “What Celebrities Can Teach Companies About Social Media,” stars are masters of building their brands online across social media and corporate America should pay attention to their successful tactics.

Below are six key strategies brands can learn from celebrities.

1. Know the differences between social media platforms.

Companies need to decide which social media sites to use. It’s not always necessary to use every single one.

Celebrities understand the uniqueness of each platform and they engage with their audience differently on each platform. A good example is Rihanna, a well-known singer who uses Instagram to share her glamour photos and then uses Snapchat to show herself as a regular gal doing everyday things. Completely different approaches.

  • Instagram – photos & short video clips
  • Twitter – real-time photos, responses to hot trending topics & articles, public conversations
  • Facebook – photos, videos, reviews, events, contests
  • Pinterest – inspirational images, recipes & how-to’s
  • Snapchat – casual everyday updates, very informal
  • LinkedIn – professional articles showcasing expertise
  • Periscope – real-life chats, LIVE video/seminars, Q&A’s

Check out Rhianna’s Instagram account. And add her on Snapchat too.

2. Don’t post the same content across all platforms.

Variety is the spice of life and it’s the same with social media. According to Pew Research Center, half of all Americans use two or more social media sites. With that statistic in mind, be thoughtful in your interaction and choose content that is an appropriate platform being used, and give customers a reason to follow ALL of your platforms.

3. Be visible. Don’t go silent or disappear.

If you want a successful relationship with social media you have to show up.

Kim Kardashian is known for her social media empire. Social media experts believe the main reason for her appeal is because she is “all day ‘err day”. She has posted over 3,180 images on Instagram since joining in 2012 and she has over 48.8 million followers on Instagram. Check her out!

Brands shouldn’t go silent or disappear for weeks or months at a time. If you do, don’t expect followers to be waiting for your return.

4. Keep track of your followers.

It’s important to remember social media is not a one-way conversation. You want followers to engage with your brand, not be the silent partner, and vice versa. Look for opportunities to validate your followers with likes, comments, and retweets. Search for posts and tweets that mention your brand and respond accordingly. It builds goodwill amongst your followers.

Singer/songwriter Taylor Swift is a good example of how to respond to fans. When a young Swift fan posted on Instagram about unrequited love, she responded with heartfelt words of encouragement. This type of thing continues to happen and there is now an Instagram account dedicated to Taylor Swift’s fan interactions.

The important takeaway is to look for opportunities to engage with your followers. Give them a reason to keep following your brand.

5. Don’t be over-promotional.

Social media users tire easily of brands that are over-promotional. Consumers want information but the hard sell is not always to their liking. A good rule of thumb is to post 3 non-promotional posts for every 1 self-promoting post.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson understands the importance of balancing self-promotional posts vs sharing personal stories on Facebook. He has one of the most popular Facebook accounts with about 52 million likes. Daily The Rock shows up to share something about his life. When you’re posting that often, you’ve got to mix up the topics and types of posts.

6. Craft a narrative.

Beyoncé has successfully used social media to release albums and videos instead of always following traditional music-industry practices. She also learned the importance of using social media to directly respond to rumors or unfavorable news about her or her family. She is proactive in crafting her narrative and getting that message out via social media.

Businesses can take a lesson from Beyoncé and use social media to craft their brand’s narrative and be ready to respond directly to any controversy. Be proactive and take the lead in disseminating accurate information about your company.

So which social media site should your company be using? Check out the link below for some interesting statistics on the top social media sites.


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