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As a full-service agency, we understand the importance of incorporating Public Relations into one’s marketing efforts. When done right, it can support many of your communication and marketing initiatives by reaching a large audience, a targeted group, or both, and can do so without the expensive cost of traditional advertising.

The key is to provide consistent communication that supports and reinforces your larger marketing goals. When it comes to PR, it’s not just about media exposure; it’s about leveraging the important news that is relevant to your audiences and getting that information to them in a timely and organic fashion.

This isn’t always an easy process, however. When you look at how you approach PR, also consider how prepared your company is to manage a crisis. Do you have processes in place to best manage and reduce the potential for harm if a crisis should arise? What are your messages to employees, partners, local media, clients, shareholders, community members, and others?

In the craziness of a crisis, it can be difficult to keep a level head and deliver effective, timely communications. In the hopes of lessening some of that stress, here are some quick, basic templates for various situations that may require the use of a press release to communicate agency and industry news, emergency situations, etc.

General Press Release

This is the most common type of press release. This is simply used to disseminate news, particularly to the media. The goal of this type of press release is to generate interest, coverage, and exposure for the event/announcement/news it covers.

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Click here to download template.

Emergency Release

More urgent or timely than a general new release. This is used in the event of an emergency situation, such as a market or industry crisis, breaking media coverage (as it pertains to your audiences) or even high-profile events/announcements.

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Media Advisory

Unlike a press release, which is used AFTER something happens, a media advisory is a brief notice used to announce an event/announcement/news happening BEFORE it occurs. It is used to inform the public, media, etc. about any upcoming news or events.

PR_inHand A Press Release for Every Occasion

While issuing such releases about your company is important, a press release is just one tool for effectively communicating to your audiences, securing media coverage and generating awareness. More important is that these efforts integrate with and build on an overarching marketing and communications plan and strategy.

The success of PR efforts comes from building strong relationships with carefully selected media outlets, journalists and editors you want to cover your stories.

Move beyond a single press release and think strategically when identifying key messages, building press contacts, identifying top media outlets, and chasing those opportunities.

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