You’ve built and launched your company website…now what?

It doesn’t stop there. Like a vehicle or computer, a website is an investment that requires regular ongoing website support after launch and maintenance updates to function at its best. Ongoing support should not be overlooked. You’ll want to explore ongoing website maintenance and support to ensure optimal site functionality and security.

Bug Fixes

Throughout the process of building a website and before it launches, a developer writes a great deal of code and runs a multitude of tests to minimize the bugs within the website. While these bugs may be fixed at the time of launch, many outside variables can affect how a website functions post-launch. For example, updates to web browsers, computer operating systems, and smartphones, just to name a few.

Code Customizations

When your site was built, it likely included custom coding and custom plugins. If the website owner didn’t know this and tried to update some aspect of the website, there is the potential that custom plugins and customizations may break and site features may fail to function correctly.

Coding-A Ongoing Website Support After Launch

Better Functionality

Core updates, new plugins, and search engine changes are always being released. There may be updates or plugins that offer a better user experience than what the site already has. It’s important to upgrade the site on a regular basis. With a support package, the site will always be up to date with the latest and greatest features for better functionality, performance and security.


Coding-2-a Ongoing Website Support After Launch
Not maintaining your site can leave you vulnerable to security breeches, broken features, slow site speed, site errors, site downtime, or site crashes (resulting in a loss of visitors and potential lost sales.) Ongoing support can help fix all of these issues so your site performs and operates smoothly. (Read more about site security here.)

Many companies offer various levels of maintenance and support packages that cover things like:

  • Tech-Support calls
  • Regular backups
  • Reviewing logs
  • Updating software
  • Security updates
  • Edits and design changes
  • Fixes to bugs that arise (trust us; they always do!)

Ask your web agency for options for ongoing support packages.

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