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Event marketing, when done well, can generate leads and build a loyal audience base like nothing else. For tips and advice on how to integrate successful event marketing into your advertising and communication strategy, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Event Marketing.

For some inspiration to get the brainstorm started and the gears moving, below are Davidson Belluso’s top five event marketing examples that demonstrate what the Best of the Biz can achieve.

Instead of just offering speakers and presentations for their new Facebook IQ technology, Facebook created a fun, engaging event experience. On a quest to offer the most important insights on consumer behavior and position themselves as a valuable partner and resource for marketing agencies, Facebook hit the road with its Facebook IQ Live tour, making stops across New York City and Chicago, the company used real-life simulations to explain their consumer behavior insights.

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The Glamour Beauty Festival was held at the London Saatchi Gallery in March 2017 by Glamour Magazine. This is a fabulous example of a B2C brand creating a fun, inspiring event that everyone who’s interested in the industry would want to attend. With celebrity appearances, master classes, and complimentary pampering treatments, the magazine brand has established its marketing event as the Coachella of the beauty industry.

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As marketers, we have the opportunity to fill our schedules with a number of industry and practice-focused, insightful conferences. One that stands out is MozCon. The creators behind MozCon do an excellent job of using technology to help keep the conference affordable and accessible. Using real-time data to promote, they even created an event app, the Organizer App, to make registration and check-in simple and to cut down on necessary staff.

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Guinness has always been a company to take creative risks with its marketing and has recently created a masterful, innovative marketing event. The beer brand offered consumers the chance to taste and experience different Guinness beers with a virtual reality headset and pre-created 360 environments. The environments were designed to enhance the taste, smell, and texture of drinking each beer.

For a quick breakdown on how VR technology works, and how you can incorporate it into your own marketing, take a look at our Beginner’s Guide To Virtual And Augmented Reality.

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When Kia created a two-story slide for the product launch of the Kia Soul vehicle model, they not only created a lot of smiles but also fortified their reputation as being a fun, youthful brand during the ten-day event. With a red slide for adults, perhaps the ‘most fun auto manufacturer on the planet’ would be a better brand descriptor.

From global industry conferences to tasting tables in the grocery store, event marketing can do more to make brands come alive than words or pictures can do alone. Authentic, engaging, motivating, event marketing enables a brand to provide more than just services or products, but experiences to their audiences. These experiences make the brand-consumer relationship all the more worthwhile.

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