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Working in collaboration with the CVS Health Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) marketing team, Davidson Belluso has been helping develop and distribute branded content focused on PBM client acquisition and retention.

From corporate communications and branded sales materials to event marketing and B2B advertising, we’ve been deeply involved in virtually every aspect the client retention and acquisition efforts, from creation to distribution and performance analytics.


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The Pharmacy Care Research Bulletin E-blast generated a 28% open rate and a 29.9% click-through rate, far surpassing industry standards of 18.29% and 11.19% respectively.

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The Specialty Trend Management interactive presentation generated a 20% open rate and above average click-through within the first 24 hours of launch. On the CVS/Caremark website it generated 4,900 views and was shared by more than 450 viewers in less than 4 months.