Micah Elliot

Graphic Designer
Micah-Elliot Micah Elliot

Micah has been a devout acolyte of art, design, music and all things bohemian since the destruction of the first Death Star. Born and raised in the desert of Phoenix, he has worked tirelessly in the Web and Graphic Design field for over 17 years. With two Associates Degrees in both Graphic and Web Design, as well as a Bachelors Degree in Interactive Media Design from the Art Institute of Phoenix, some of his professional background includes working for Todd McFarlane Productions and Spawn comics, as well as designing and creating records for punk rock legends like Duane Peters (U.S. Bombs, Die’ Hunns) and Cris Kirkwood (Meat Puppets). When he’s not fiercely battling his 4-year-old daughter for Candy Land dominance, he’s most likely either fueling his multi-platform crime syndicate in GTA Online, violating noise ordinances around the valley playing very loud music, or sleeping. These days, hopefully sleeping.