Tempe Tourism Office

The Tempe Tourism Office needed to reinvigorate the City of Tempe brand to better position the city as a travel destination in the southwest, with the ultimate goal of increasing hotel bookings. We developed an entirely new brand featuring a new logo, tagline, brand narrative and new suite of marketing channels. We targeted media planners, leisure travelers in key feeder markets and niche markets such as the LGBT community and MLB Spring Training enthusiasts.


Website traffic increased 22%, with a 593% growth in mobile traffic.

Hotel Revenues

Tempe hotels recorded $87 million in revenues and 89% occupancy.

Spongecell Banners

Spongecell banners generated a 2.40% engagement rate compared to 2.17% industry standards.

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio recorded a 1.26% click-through rate, far surpassing 0.8% industry standards.