Spalding Olmsted

Strategist, Economic Development & Tourism

Spalding is an Arizona State University graduate with a B.S. in Business (Marketing), Masters in Psychology and a MBA from the ASU Business College. Spalding embarked on a multi-faceted career in states throughout the Western US in retailing, hospitality and tourism, casino marketing/advertising, commodities brokerage, events planning, two decades in commercial construction, architecture, development and real estate plus economic development and site selection. Prior to joining the team at Davidson & Belluso, Spalding lead The Spalding Group specializing in Strategic Planning and Marketing for professional services, non-profits, commercial construction, real estate, casinos and resorts along with economic development branding and marketing. Besides being very committed to clients and their success, Spalding has always been committed to helping those in our community, humans and animals alike, who need a ‘leg up’.