Are You Missing Out On Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of our favorite marketing tools here at Davidson Belluso. Compared to other media types, it gives our clients a return on investment that can be measured with every eblast.

Here, we’ll go over the benefits of email marketing and some ideas for how to integrate it into your marketing plan.

1. Affordability
It said that it’s six to 12 times less expensive to sell to an existing customer than to a new one and with email marketing companies like Constant Contact, who charge by number of emails versus number of email blasts, prices stay low.

2. Top-of-Mind Awareness
With more and more people using smartphones, email is at the tip of most people’s fingers and therefore, top-of-mind. Reach them quickly and frequently via email.

3. Tracking and Metrics
With email, you can track details such as how many people opened the email, how many people viewed it and how much traffic was driven to your website through the eblast. All of this data give you insight to what kind of messaging resonates with your clients.

Need ideas for how to utilize email marketing?

  • Exclusive sales or special limited time deals
  • Launching of new service or product
  • Newsletters
  • Product/Service Feedback email
  • Cross-selling other services/products to current customers
  • Referral programs

If you’d like to learn more about email marketing (or find out to survive the upcoming apocalypse) just give us a call.